About Farmwork UK

Farmwork.co.uk was developed as an Open Project by FireChef Ltd, a fire cookware company based in the United Kingdom inspired by heritage and cooking great food over open fire.

We aim to gain a foothold in the farming industry by offering a transparent, easy access service for farmers and those seeking to farm work. A casual means of connecting farmer with workers at a fair listing price!

Building Communities

Emphasis on this job listing site is regional county based. We believe in the potential of a farm finding it's local talent and skill base. Farmwork UK is here to faciliate that match, connecting Farms with local staff. Encouraging the development of long term working relationships and quality of care to benefit the local community.

Built by a Farm Worker

Having grown up in Kent Farmwork UK founders spent many summers working as seasonal staff on farms helping the harvest of various fruit and vegetables. Whilst hard work we have fond memories and nurtured a respect for our food produce, a standing that still holds strong today.

Britain has a wonderfully rich farming heritage, producing some of the finest and varied produce worldwide given our wide climatic and landscape ranges.

Farm work offers an opportunity for those seeking to work outdoors in whatever the weather and further connect to food at the source. With the growing respect for produce, nature and well-being I hope this project finds the appeal of similar minds wanting to work outdoors in an industry and help further putting quality foods onto plates in the land.

We hope our service is of benefit to farming communities nationwide.

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Farmwork UK: Open Project

We believe in openness and transparency when it comes to your decision to list with us. We publish our website statistics live and are committed to run Farmwork UK as an Open Project.

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