Finding Farm Work

If you have a passion for working outdoors and want to help support your local food industry, Farm work may be for you, we are keen to attract folk who care for quality of the task at hand the produce.

Farmwork UK features regional County searches to help you find farm work in your area. We keep the application process straight forward minimising our input as middleman connecting you direct to the farm in need of help.

The flow for applying to a position is detailed below;

  1. Find farm work in the listings
  2. On the Job details page select Apply
  3. Fill out the application form including detailing any requirements listed above, consider paragraphs on:
    1. Introduction
    2. Why you are best suited for the job
    3. Any experience, skills or qualifications that would help your application
  4. Your application will be sent direct to the farm
  5. If successful the farm will reach out to you direct, we encourage farms to reply to all submissions regardless of outcome

Supporting Local Farms

Farm work offers an opportunity for those seeking to work outdoors in whatever the weather and further connect to food at the source. With the growing respect for produce, nature and well-being we hope this project finds the appeal of similar minds wanting to work outdoors in an industry and to help put quality food onto plates in the land.

Our goal is to help build long term working relationships that suit both your and the farms needs, be this working fulltime, partime or seasonal. Farmwork UK is about making those local connections, nuturing your skills and techniques and building a long term rapport with farmers looking for great farmstaff in your area.

In this fast paced world farm work offer an opportunity to reconnect with nature and meet like minded people passionate about our food and where it comes from.

Find Farmwork in your Area

Check your County to see what farm jobs are available.

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We rely on organic growth to raise awareness of Farmwork UK, super appreciated if you share a farm job to anyone that may be interested.

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Farmwork UK: Open Project

We believe in openness and transparency when it comes to your decision to list with us. We publish our website statistics live and are committed to run Farmwork UK as an Open Project.

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