Find the best Farm Staff

We believe there is a talent in your area and are keen to help find, connect and nuture long term working relationships with your farm.

In these extraordinary times, we are seeing a resurgence in folk with a passion to working outdoors and building traditional skills. Helped by a growing awareness for the quality of produce and it's journey from field to fork. Finding farm staff who care for quality and want to support their local farms is key to Farmwork UK. The farming industry is essential and we want to be part of that journey, helping you find the best farm staff.

We offer you a FREE listing option (up to 5 FREE listings per farm!) that will run live for 2 weeks should you wish to test the water.

Farmwork UK - Listing a Job

Our agricultural recruitment service offers an easy means of listing farm jobs in the UK. Key search metrics are based on the job title you submit, regional county and the Farmwork Tags listed below, if you would like to add additional Tags please contact us we would be delighted to include them.

Farmwork Job Tags

The flow of posting a job is summarised below;

  1. Top RHS button "Post Work"
  2. Fill in form, selecting free or paid listing, for Job Description consider paragraphs on:
    1. Intro about your farm
    2. Job description
    3. Any candidate qualifications or requirements
  3. Note your direct contact detail will not be made public
  4. Submit job
  5. Listing goes live on Farmwork UK
  6. Inclusion in our Farmwork Tuesdays newsletter
  7. Additional Social Media Boost
  8. New Candidate applications arrive via your email

Open Project

We run Farmwork UK as an Open Project and display performance statistics on the website, newsletter subscribers and job listing views live in realtime. Allowing you to make a best informed decision knowing what sort of exposure you can expect by listing your job with us.

County Reach

Built into Farmwork UK system is a monitor alert, if we reach paid threshold for job listings in a particular county we will reach out direct to the local newspaper and arrange a Farmwork UK region advert to further drive applications from your area. Please help spread the word to fellow farms in your area.

Additionally we rely on organic awareness to promote and would like to offer a reward incentive for farmers listing on the website. If you know any other farms in your area looking for farm staff, please forward them your unique referral COUPONCODE that is included in the email when your listing goes live. If they post a listing using this code we will email you a coupon for a £25 STANDARD Listing on the website.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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Farmwork UK: Open Project

We believe in openness and transparency when it comes to your decision to list with us. We publish our website statistics live and are committed to run Farmwork UK as an Open Project.

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