Farmwork UK Open Project

Why Open Project?

We believe in being open and transparent with our performance data provides you the best basis of making the informed decision of whether to list with us.

Custom built, our privacy focused (non personal identifying) tracking provides real time decision making information on the potential reach and scope of your job listing. The three main metrics are;

1. Monthly Views Over all site performance and reach

2. Listing Views Number of a farm work listing has been viewed

3. Farmwork Tuesdays Subscribers Number of live registered readers of our Farmwork Tuesdays Newsletter. This newsletter is sent our every Tuesday and will include your listing to our potential reader base.

Social Push

Standard & Premium Job Listings are automatically pushed to our social media channels. We are working on a live feed of followers counts here to further clarify extra non site reach.

Organic Growth

Farmwork UK is optimised for organic web growth, please find below a chart of our monthly views over time to forecast listing exposure.

CHART COMING SOON, please see live stats below in meantime.

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Farmwork UK: Open Project

We believe in openness and transparency when it comes to your decision to list with us. We publish our website statistics live and are committed to run Farmwork UK as an Open Project.

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